Maine on track to launch recreational cannabis sales by spring 2020

Maine state officials said they are poised to begin accepting adult-use marijuana license applications before the end of the year and expect customers will have the ability to purchase products in retail stores by March.

There are no statewide license caps, but municipalities can limit or ban recreational marijuana in their jurisdictions – and most have.

Voters approved legal adult-use marijuana in the state in November 2016.

However, the road to legal sales has been long and bumpy.

But state officials say they are on track to meet the previously announced spring 2020 target.

A key act passed by the state Legislature is now in effect.

That means the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy is in a position to complete final adoption of cannabis industry rules within the next couple of months, said David Heidrich, an agency spokesman.

The state then likely can accept applications for retail marijuana sales by the end of 2019, Heidrich said.

Maine will need time to process the applications, and retailers also will need local approvals, but the state is projecting revenue from marijuana sales by March 15, Heidrich said.

How swiftly the applications are approved might depend on how complete they are, he added.

Maine’s rollout of legal marijuana has been beset with hiccups, such as a squabble over the hiring of a key consultant, and was also slowed by former Gov. Paul LePage’s opposition to legalization.

David Boyer, an independent marijuana industry consultant in Maine, said that it’s “disappointing that adults still don’t have a place to purchase legal cannabis in Maine,” but that the finish line is in sight.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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One comment on “Maine on track to launch recreational cannabis sales by spring 2020
  1. Erin Carr on

    The state of Maine will benefit greatly, in a monetary way and in a healthy way. Cannabis can help with almost any disease or ailment. I wish that older people realize that the whole “Reefer Madness” stage has died out. The movie inaccurately shows people that smoke “cannabis”, act like kid’s on a sugar drip, but even crazier!!! Having smoked for 20 years now, I’ve never seen someone that is high on marijuana act like that! I think that they meant smoking LSD makes you crazy, not cannabis!!! Marijuana is not a “drug” that the media and government make it out to be. If anything, it should be considered natural medication. It treats so many things, I cannot even write it all out here. If you smoke too much weed, your brain will let you know that you don’t need anymore, because you are high enough. Unlike alcohol, which is actually straight up poison. That’s why when you overdue the alcohol, you get violently sick. Your body throwing up the alcohol just goes to show that alcohol is complete and utter poison. Think of all of the things people do when they are very drunk. Arguing, fights breaking out, rapes and sexual assault, drunk driving, it also kills your liver. Alcohol is a DRUG. Just le the saying goes: “Choose your poison!”. Marijuana kills NOBODY! It doesn’t HURT ANYBODY, either. The state’s that are finally accepting the truth, that they’ve known the whole time, because they see profit from it. What better way to convince politicians than money ???!!! States could be bringing in lots of revenue from the sales of legal cannabis. If the government took it all away and made it illegal in every state again, smokers will still find cannabis, buy it, smoke it, and repeat. That means the government loses out on a ton of revenue. The only way they (the government) could still make money off of it is what they always used to and still do, is to try to bust people. That is not nearly as much money as legalization would and does make for the state. People that smoke cannabis, are of all ages and races, as well as having economic differences. These people, myself included, should NOT be feared. Cannabis doesn’t make one violent or lazy. There are different strains for different ailments and I have not found a single one that has caused any violent or criminal thoughts. Cannabis creates peace, creativity, and mindfulness. If you’ve never tried it, I would never make someone try, but I encourage everybody (of age, lol) to at least give it a try, or if not, just let it be. Nobody that has only consumed marijuana, is going to be a danger to anyone.


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