Maine will miss deadline to launch recreational cannabis market

Maine officials say the state won’t be able to meet its February deadline to allow recreational marijuana sales.

Republican State Sen. Roger Katz said the agencies responsible for the recreational market rollout don’t have sufficient time before the deadline to perform such tasks as licensing growers, writing departmental rules and hiring new inspectors, the Portland Press Herald reported.

The president of Legalize Maine estimates the delay means adult-use business licenses won’t be issued until summer 2018.

Advocates for legalization say the delay “keeps the black market going.”

The adult-use marijuana program voters legalized in November 2016 already has been delayed once to give regulators more time to craft regulations.

– Associated Press

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One comment on “Maine will miss deadline to launch recreational cannabis market
  1. Jim Gunther on

    The delay also gives more time for big pharma to get some of the 90 drugs with a cannabinoid or synthetic cannabinoid onto the market. Cannabinoids are coming to the mainstream whether or not Americans vote yes or not. This is not about whether it’s medicine or not, it’s about who will financially profit and control that medicine. These drugs will be expensive, have side effects and will be a lot less effective than the plant itself. The predicted price for an annual prescription of Epidiolex by an investor: $30000-$60000 per year.

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