Massachusetts Legalization Advocates Facing Uphill Battle

Massachusetts marijuana advocates are facing an uphill battle after the state’s attorney general openly said she’s against full legalization and a Boston city councilor introduced a proposal that would make it illegal for cannabis shops to open near each other.

Attorney General Maura Healey said though she supported decriminalization of a small amount of marijuana, she’s against full legalization, a conclusion to which she came after speaking with attorneys general in Colorado and Washington. Massachusetts is among states that will likely have full legalization on the 2016 ballot, after voters in 2012 passed medical marijuana referendums.

In a move unrelated to Healey’s comments, Boston city councilor Michael Flaherty filed an amendment to the city’s zoning code that would prevent marijuana shops from opening within 2,500 feet of each other to avoid areas becoming “the land of the living dead,” according to the Boston Herald.

Massachusetts has had its share of troubles getting its MMJ industry of the ground despite voters legalizing more than two years ago. The process by which dispensary licenses were distributed was flawed from the start, which could eventually lead to lawsuits against the state, the Boston Herald said in a report.

The state’s first dispensary is supposed to open this spring.



3 comments on “Massachusetts Legalization Advocates Facing Uphill Battle
  1. Jared on

    How much power does the attorney general really have??? If the people vote for adult use in 2016, does it matter what the attorney general says?

  2. Scott Murphy on

    Dave we just got a new AG. Our last one was worse….

    It does not matter what the AG says but she must give approval for the ballot question.

    Her inactivity can be just as bad as her action if she chooses to allow the State to do what the want after the vote, as has happened with medical.


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