Michigan accelerates medical marijuana business licensing

In the past month and a half, the state of Michigan has dramatically increased turnaround times for processing and approving medical cannabis business license applications.

In May alone, the new state Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) ruled on 213 medical cannabis business permit applications, the Detroit Free Press reported.

That’s up from an average of 95 per month by the agency’s predecessor, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board, which Gov. Gretchen Whitmer disbanded earlier this year.

The MRA issued 40 business permits, according to, while the other 173 were either denied or given preliminary approval.

Michigan now has 202 licensed MMJ businesses, including about 100 dispensaries, the news outlet reported.

The MRA will accept recreational cannabis business license applications starting in autumn after regulations are finalized, likely later this month.

With Michigan’s adult-use cannabis market set to roll out later this year, the quicker pace is key to having everything ready, the agency’s director, Andrew Brisbo, told the Free Press.

A big part of that is the new MRA, which can act faster than its predecessor.

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One comment on “Michigan accelerates medical marijuana business licensing
  1. Jeff Buonodono on

    100 dispensaries in Michigan. Maybe that explains why revenue amounted to just over 100 million first 4 months. When state announced regulated market they said it was 860 million annual market. One fifth at best of dispensaries are licensed now. Where do u think people are getting medicine now? Probably from a caregiver at less than half price of dispensaries. No wonder huge grows can’t afford to pay light bills. Take away the stores and people go to their carigiver. Perfectly legal. If anyone wants good product, I encourage you to seek out a caregiver instead of going to a store that has 90 percent garbage product at High prices.

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