Minnesota adds two medical cannabis qualifying conditions

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Minnesota regulators are adding two conditions that qualify patients to receive recommendations for medical cannabis.

That brings the total to 17 conditions, which could help boost the bottom line for marijuana businesses in the state.

The Minnesota health department announced that chronic vocal or motor tic disorder and sickle cell disease will be added to the list of qualifying conditions, effective August 2021, according to Minneapolis-based news site Bring Me The News.

The conditions list already included Tourette syndrome, but people suffering from that condition experience both motor and vocal tics. The addition of chronic vocal or motor tics allows people with either disorder to receive a recommendation for medical cannabis.

A petition was denied to add anxiety as a qualifying condition in one of the more restrictive markets in the U.S.

Patients who suffer from either of the two newly added conditions can enroll for Minnesota’s medical marijuana program starting in July and receive a recommendation for MMJ a month later.