Missouri to Start Taking Hemp Cultivation Applications

Cannabis growers of a different stripe can begin submitting applications to the Missouri government next month for licenses to cultivate hemp.

Missouri is one of several states that passed legislation this year permitting the cultivation and use of high-CBD, low-THC cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy.

On Nov. 3, the state’s Agriculture Department will begin a 30-day application window for the two hemp cultivation licenses it plans to award.

, Missouri to Start Taking Hemp Cultivation Applications

According to state rules, the two cultivators must operate as nonprofits, and each hemp harvest must be tested to ensure that the THC level is at or below 0.3%.

The Missouri Health Department estimates that roughly 1,000 epileptic patients will participate in the program.

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6 comments on “Missouri to Start Taking Hemp Cultivation Applications
  1. steve clark on

    Only two that’s not very many and hasn’t it been proven that the whole plant with thc help’s patents more than just cbd alone. Sound’s like this program is doomed from the start.

  2. Thom on

    I agree Steve, Two is ridicules. Guvnor Nixon is such a dewed. Afraid the evil marijuana will be let loos, so afraid he won’t even let the law change for reduced penalties for possession take effect till 2017; when he leaves office. He claims he wont be responsible for the total destruction of Missouri.

    • Esteban Garcia on

      Make me laugh! Destruction of Missouri? Why hasn’t all the meth labs done that yet? You have more meth labs in Missouri than you do anywhere else in the US! The reason Missouri doesn’t make it legal all the way around is because the farmers will go out of business, that’s all they know is farming and making meth! Sorry Governor, but you need to pull your head back in from the hog barn, its clogging up your brain!

  3. Jeff Lumpe on

    I’ve said for years that marijuana was a benefactor to help people God didn’t put it on this Earth for no reason so I would like to apply for medical marijuana I have what they call peripheral neuropathy it hurts so bad to walk thank you for your time and I hope it passes I really need it for pain

  4. ronald rogan on

    what steps can be taken ahead of the missouri vote to legalize medical marijuana in order to apply for a dispensary license.

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