MJ Freeway Wins Nevada Software Contract

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Colorado-based MJ Freeway has won a state contract with the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health to implement a seed-to-sale inventory tracking system for the state’s medical cannabis industry.

The contract is for five years and is worth $603,393, a company spokeswoman said. MJ Freeway beat out six other contenders for the contract.

MJ Freeway will be setting up its own Leaf Data Systems platform for businesses and regulators to use. There will be a required “nominal” monthly fee for licensed companies to transmit their data to the state, but “it won’t break the bank,” the spokeswoman said. The system is slated to be up and running July 1.

Dispensaries and cultivators can continue to use third party inventory systems if they’re already doing so, or they can choose to use MJ Freeway’s system.

State contracts have become an increasingly potent way for cannabis-related software companies to not only increase revenue but add to their branding. For instance, Franwell won an inventory tracking contract with the state of Alaska recently, and in January, BioTrackTHC won one with Hawaii.

This is the first full state contract for MJ Freeway, but two of its other clients include the New Jersey Department of Health and the city of Richmond, California.