Montana updates medical cannabis business rules

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A slew of updated medical cannabis business rules for Montana companies has been proposed by the state health department.

The rules deliver more clarity to those looking to participate in the state’s MMJ industry, but the regulations have yet to be completely finalized.

According to The Billings Gazette, the wide-ranging rules include:
  • License fees.
  • An inventory track-and-trace system that has yet to be put in place.
  • Which contaminants MMJ will be tested for.

For instance, the rules identify “four types of heavy metals, 15 solvents and 59 pesticides” for which MMJ will be tested before it can be sold, the Gazette reported.

After a public hearing Nov. 30, the rules likely will take effect April 30, at the latest, but that date could be moved up if the health department is ready to implement them sooner, according to the newspaper.