Nearly $14K in Daily Revenues for Seattle Rec Shop

The Emerald City’s second recreational marijuana shop is rolling in the green.

Uncle Ike’s, which opened on Sept. 30, averaged $13,736 in sales per day in its first week of operation. That equates to about $3,500 in excise tax revenue for the state each day.

If the pace holds up, the store could generate $4.8 million in recreational marijuana sales.

Uncle Ike’s began serving customers more than two months after the start of recreational sales in the state, becoming just the second shop in Seattle to open.

, Nearly $14K in Daily Revenues for Seattle Rec Shop

The store recorded almost $17,000 in revenues on its first day of sales as customers lined up around the block.

Ike’s was also the target of a local protest recently, with parishioners from a nearby church calling for the store to be shut down.

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3 comments on “Nearly $14K in Daily Revenues for Seattle Rec Shop
  1. David on

    Economic’s 101. The prices will come down once the remaining 120+ Washington stores open in late winter /early spring.The good news is there’s No talk of repeals, nor edible bans, as is currently happening in Colorado.

  2. Jake on

    The economics of the process are actually pretty simple. If the customer had any idea how much burden the producer goes through in order to provide finished product, I think most people would back off the “contemptible greed” talk. Prices will come down, but you can’t tax the hell out of something and create hundreds of new hurdles and expect prices to mirror the unregulated and illegal markets.

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