New Hampshire lawmakers override governor’s medical cannabis veto

Certified New Hampshire patients soon will have the ability to buy medical marijuana even if they haven’t had the same doctor for three months – a development that could provide a sales boost to the state’s small MMJ market.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a bill last month to eliminate the waiting period, but both the House and Senate voted Thursday to override his veto.

In his veto message, Sununu said he believed a strong provider-patient relationship is necessary to ensure proper treatment.

But lawmakers who supported the bill argued that it was unfair to make patients wait three months when no such rules apply to far more dangerous drugs, including opioids.

The 2019 Marijuana Business Factbook projects New Hampshire’s medical cannabis sales will reach $20 million-$25 million this year, up from an estimated $15 million-$20 million in 2018.

Roughly 8,000 patients are certified in the program.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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4 comments on “New Hampshire lawmakers override governor’s medical cannabis veto
  1. Kathy on

    Please let this be true marijuana is the only thing that works for my pain and sleepless I Don’t Want to Use Opiods ever. This could help a lot of people

  2. Jeff l on

    Great to hear.
    Politicians with some sense.
    I mean the politicians are elected to represent the people who put them there.
    Great bi partisanship.


    Sunnumnuts has been the enemy of the people using the herb forever. He is a disgraceful old persecutor and would be well served by doing time in the joint for the needless harm he and his kind have forced on folks for pot. His time is over.


    Prohibitionists ‘such as Sununu, along with the climate deniers, and mostly within the Republican Party are far too ignorant and poorly educated to hold any position of responsibility. They are quite dangerous if allowed any position of authority. These greedy corporate parasites are going against the will of the citizens by refusing to allow marijuana. Where did we get these ignorant and greedy creatures anyway? And how do we keep them from the infestation of public service positions? No one but another ignorant and equally poorly educated idiot would actually vote for one of them. While Teachers beg for pencils and the students suffer for adequate lunches these greedy creatures are allowing law enforcement to steal hundreds of millions of dollars through asset forfeiture. Money that should go into the general budget to help fund schools and to help the elderly and others, but instead is miss-appropriated and commandeered from the citizens and used to extend their police state. Anyone that would allow this is an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE or just too ignorant and incompetent to hold public office., If these greedy creatures are allowed to continue soon they will demand everything. We should do all possible to remove them from public service. Besides; we already have way too many crackpots in public office.

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