New Jersey lawmakers say adult-use cannabis vote likely won’t happen Oct. 29

New Jersey’s legislative leaders reported that a vote to legalize recreational marijuana they penciled in for next week now appears unlikely.

Democratic Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin said Monday at an unrelated news conference in the statehouse that he does not anticipate a vote on Oct. 29.

State Senate President Steve Sweeney said he believes the legislation would come for a vote “this year,” but he didn’t specify when.

Coughlin described the measure as a “seismic shift in public policy and the creation of a new industry.” He said the state’s lawmakers want to “get it right.”

Both leaders and Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy have suggested they back such legalization but are debating details, mostly behind closed doors.

– Associated Press

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2 comments on “New Jersey lawmakers say adult-use cannabis vote likely won’t happen Oct. 29
  1. John A Verkitus on

    It has been PROVEN that Legal Cannabis will create thousands of jobs, free up law enforcement to go after dangerous criminals and will create a financial windfall in the form of Millions of dollars in taxes.

    It will also help people who want to use it for their own medicinal purposes and also to relax after a hard days work.. This without becoming violent or other unacceptable behaviors, such as is caused by alcohol consumption..

    There are many other benefits to legal cannabis too numerous to list here.


    • Felix Rodriguez on

      The medical marijuana program is total nonsense it’s very difficult to get on the program I have a thread is you have to have a specific type of arthritis a hurts Little dispensaries to little demand of doctors that will see you and the cost is insane Even for middle class worker If not to vote on the recreational marijuana at least expand your mind the dispensaries doctors lower the cost and add more to the medical list arthritis simply just at the right is being one of them it is painful it is unfair that one should be taking painkillers that can make you addicted to heroin that in itself is a crime Murphy you said 100 days it’s way past that and keep the taxes low they should be affordable for people to take care of them selves if we cannot grow it out all the plants in the taxi should be low that should be a compromise

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