Ontario, Alberta lead Canadian cannabis sales drop in January

Retail sales of adult-use cannabis products in Canada declined to 282.8 million Canadian dollars ($225 million) in January, 5.6% lower than a month earlier, according to the latest Statistics Canada data.

Sales fell in every province and territory.

Alberta and Ontario saw the biggest declines on a dollar basis.

Consumers in Alberta purchased CA$58.4 million worth of cannabis products in January, CA$5.4 million less than December.

Ontario sales retreated by CA$4.7 million from December, coming in at CA$90 million in January.

On a percentage basis, Newfoundland and Labrador saw the biggest decline, with sales falling 16.7% in January to CA$4.5 million.

Overall, recreational cannabis purchases in Canada fell almost CA$17 million in January compared to December.

Monthly sales trended lower in Canada’s other markets:

  • Prince Edward Island: CA$1.6 million (down 7.4%)
  • Nova Scotia: CA$7.7 million (down 6.9%)
  • New Brunswick: CA$6.5 million (down 4.8%)
  • Quebec: CA$48.7 million (down 4%)
  • Manitoba: CA$11.3 million (down 0.7%)
  • Saskatchewan: CA$12 million (down 1.3%)
  • British Columbia: CA$40.4 million (down 5.6%)
  • Yukon: CA$686,000 (down 6.7%)
  • Northwest Territories: CA$975,000 (down 2%)

The data bureau’s monthly cannabis sales data for 2020 are available here.