Oregon Authorizes Early Edibles & Extracts Rec Sales

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed into law a bill permitting medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to sell cannabis-infused products and extracts to recreational consumers before the state’s rec system is completely online.

Early rec sales began last October in Oregon, with dispensaries being allowed to sell limited amounts of cannabis flower to adults over 21, but edibles and extracts were left out of the equation until now.

The bill, Senate Bill 1511, also permits recreational stores to sell cannabis tax free to medical marijuana card holders, the Oregonian reported.

Before any of these changes take place, however, the Oregon Health Authority said it first must draft sales rules, but couldn’t say when the rules would be ready.

Under the new law, recreational customers will be allowed to purchase one low-dose edible product and the equivalent of a vaporizer pen with marijuana extract, the Oregonian reported. Shops also may sell non-psychoactive skin and hair products.

The manager of Oregon’s medical marijuana program said in March that the state health authority will open the application process for commercial extraction licenses on April 1.