Oregon Edibles Makers Kick Off Awareness Campaign: “Try 5”

A coalition of edibles manufacturers in Oregon, concerned with a lack of general public knowledge on the potency of their products, have launched a public safety campaign to urge first-time users to take it easy on the dosage when trying such products.

The campaign’s slogan? “Try 5,” the Oregonian reported.

In other words, edibles makers are suggesting newbies begin with a five milligram dose, similar to what was suggested by a campaign in Colorado in 2014 that used the motto, “Start low and go slow.”

The Oregon campaign, run by the Oregon Responsible Edibles Council, launched just before the state’s dispensaries will be allowed to start selling edibles and extracts to rec customers, instead of just flower. That door opens June 2.

The council has spent roughly $5,000 on the campaign, including for t-shirts with their slogan, posters, and buttons that will all be distributed via about 350 dispensaries around the state.

“We want to show the state that we care so much about this issue and we are trying to be as safe as possible. We are willing to fund it ourselves,” a spokesman for the campaign told the newspaper.