Oregon Taps 4 Firms for Marijuana Sales Tracking

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Oregon’s marijuana regulator has approved four software companies that recreational cannabis businesses can use to track their sales and other business data.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which oversees licensed rec companies, approved three Oregon-based firms – OMMPOS, Greenbits, and Odava – along with Denver-based Flowhub, the Oregonian reported. The quartet of companies are all compatible with the state Metrc system, which records all inventory, transfers and sales of cannabis under the new recreational system.

However, the OLCC didn’t endorse any of the four software platforms for cannabis companies to use, and said it’s also fine if marijuana businesses hand in their tracking data manually.

Still, cannabis cultivators, processors and retailers are required by state law to record their sales, transfers, inventories, and more, which means that many will likely opt to use one of the four approved platforms.

Other states have awarded government contracts to single firms that then develop custom seed-to-sale tracking systems, such as the MTRC system in Colorado and BioTrackTHC’s system in Washington State.