Pennsylvania cracks down on dispensary for selling cannabis for $1 a gram

A brand-new medical marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania, excited to be selling actual cannabis flower for the first time to registered patients, offered a special deal last week: two strains of flower for $1 a gram, with a limit of 2 grams.

The problem? Pennsylvania forbids such promotions, including any discounts. And the flower in question is typically priced at $10-$15 a gram.

The dispensary, Justice Grown Pennsylvania in Edwardsville, was immediately notified by the state Department of Health it was breaking the rules, according to The (Philadelphia) Inquirer.

But the reprimand came after 134 patients had bought up all the dispensary’s available cheap flower inventory.

Justice Grown CEO Abbe Kruger told the newspaper that what the dispensary did was “completely compliant” with the law.

“It didn’t even fit the definition of a discount because it had never been priced before,” she said. “We just priced it that low.”

But state regulators don’t see it that way.

“You can’t run a promotional sale on medical marijuana. We let them know that they were in violation,” a health department spokeswoman told The Inquirer.

It appears the dispensary won’t face any explicit punishment from the state, such as fines or a suspension of its business license.

“We realize this is a new business structure. There isn’t a formula (for discipline). We’re working through it,” the health department spokeswoman said.

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14 comments on “Pennsylvania cracks down on dispensary for selling cannabis for $1 a gram
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    More mindless, zombie like action from the political flea bags trying to criminalize the people for a good idea. Hard Seed

  2. Starseed on

    That is so stupid, they should be able to charge whatever they want to. I swear people have nothing else better to do with their time

  3. John V... on

    What about being able to GROW YOUR OWN ?? WHY do We have to pay up to 15 P/G when we can Grow our Own ?? This is Really Unfair and Shows the Corruption involved with State Run Programs.. The worst slap in the face is that the Insurance companies won’t even pay for the Prescriptions.. This is a total Scam and Recreational MJ needs to be Legalized!

    • Chris on

      I completely agree: In the United States, price fixing can be prosecuted as a criminal federal offense under Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. … Under American law, exchanging prices among competitors can also violate the antitrust laws.

      But when lobbyists and politicians do it, apparently, we call it law.

    • Sam Cheech on

      I was so excited to walk into a dispensary and buy weed, I am 65 years old and thought this day would never come. But I was so disappointed in the pricing that I can’t afford to smoke legally I guess. It would Cost me $480 for 1 ounce, where I can get the same quality for $300. And looking to pay cheaper not more. This is no good. Very disappointing.

  4. Leo on

    They should be disqualified from additional licenses. Not to be a hard ass, but his program is highly competitive for licensing and other applicants have perfect track records in other states and have invested millions in Pennsylvania. The state should consider compliance when considering additional licenses for this business.

  5. Venkat Reddy on

    I think eventually the price has to be around $1-2 per gram for this product to take off, and a common man and women can afford. Do they really need multi-million dollars investment in growing green houses. This will grow in open field as good as in green houses. It is growing since hundreds of years.

    If its cultivated and grown in open field, then the price can be $1-2/PG.
    Complicated Government regulations forces the product price to raise astronomically.

    • Jay on

      It’s never been about ‘helping the people of PA.’ It is now, and always has been, about greed. Money talks. So your insurance co’s won’t get involved. The state wants your cold, hard, cash. Period. And if selling medical mj is how to get it, they will do that. Recreational weed offends their whiskey laden selves cause mj WAS illegal.
      There is no way the current PA admin will allow recreational mj in PA. And likewise, there is NO WAY PA will legalize growing your own medical mj plants-where is their share of the money in that? If PA can’t control it, it won’t happen.

    • Michelle on

      Ya it costs me over 500.00 a week. 60.00 an 1/8. The black market is 35.00-50,00 @ 1/8. They need to charge less than black market to succeed.

    • Kristina Lipford on

      I’m from WA and yes people will pay and can afford to pay 35 eighth, 45 for oil, 10 pre-rolls. You pay for quality and taxing sucks but it benefits the state if they apply it appropriately (but it is the government, so that’s a toss up). Prices of these products are increased due to the taxing but ultimately come out to be a good deal for what you get most of the time. Recreational legalization needs to happen. Then people would realize the benefits of doing so. The amount of money that can be made for each state in this industry could provide more jobs, help low-income communities, assist the homeless with funding for new programs, programs for young and single mothers/fathers, funding for schools. The possibilities are endless and what the department did here was just petty! I STAND WITH YOU JUSTICE GROWN! KEEP REPRESENTING THE TRUTH!

  6. S.T. Oner on

    What you can do is buy black market stuff, and then place it into a legal container from a dispensary. The black market stuff is suddenly “blessed” and legal. Done.

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