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Privateer CEO: U.S. marijuana legalization coming in 2-3 years

November 6, 2015 · Updated October 18, 2016

Brendan Kennedy, the CEO of Seattle-based private equity firm Privateer Holdings, predicted at an Ireland tech summit this week that marijuana will be legalized at the federal level in the U.S. in two or three years. There is some discrepancy on the timeline, since USA Today quoted Kennedy as estimating that legalization will occur “within the next […]

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CBD cafe to open in England

October 29, 2015 · Updated May 26, 2017

The United Kingdom is about to get its first “cannabis cafe” – sans THC. The shop, which is planned for Manchester, will feature only CBD products manufactured in Germany from hemp. “We have people filling it into bottles, branding it and bringing it over,” owner Colin Davies told the Manchester Evening News. Davies isn’t marketing it […]

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Little Hope for Cannabis Legalization in UK Anytime Soon

August 27, 2015

Fat chance. That’s essentially how government officials in the United Kingdom responded to a petition calling for the legalization of marijuana. “Substantial scientific evidence shows cannabis is a harmful drug that can damage human health,” the government’s formal response to the petition reads. “There are no plans to legalize cannabis as it would not address […]

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Charlotte’s Web Goes On Sale In the UK

August 14, 2015 · Updated July 31, 2018

CW Botanicals, manufacturers of a CBD oil popular in the United States for treating severe forms of epilepsy, has partnered with a U.K. company to launch sales of Charlotte’s Web in the United Kingdom. It became legal to sell the oil in the country last month and can also be used as a dietary supplement, […]

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UK Might Debate Marijuana Legalization

July 29, 2015

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom must consider debating the merits of marijuana after more than 175,000 people signed a petition seeking to legalize the production, use and sale of cannabis. While the petition is the most preliminary step in the fight for legalization in the UK, it has raised hopes that officials will begin debating […]

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GW Pharmaceuticals Added to Nasdaq Biotech Index

December 23, 2014 · Updated April 7, 2020

GW Pharmaceuticals, a United Kingdom-based company that develops CBD-rich treatments, has been added to the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (NBI). The NBI tracks the performance of a set of securities traded on the exchange that are classified as biotech or pharmaceutical companies. GW Pharmaceuticals is the developer of Sativex, a cannabis-based drug that is approved in […]

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Week in Review: International Green Wave + Medical Marijuana Bombshell in Washington

October 25, 2013 · Updated November 11, 2013

By Chris Walsh Get ready for the international green wave. A growing number of countries are considering legalizing marijuana for recreational or medical use, and they’re turning to cannabis businesses in the United States for a glimpse of what’s possible. Earlier this week, two dozen dignitaries from Canada, Mexico and Uruguay spent several days getting […]

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