Smart Cannibas Marketing Tactic: Offer Lab Tested Pot

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Holistic Herbal Healers, a San Jose medical marijuana collective, announced today that it’s now offering cannabis potency and safety screening through a partnership with California-based lab Pure Analytics.   It’s a smart move, according to preliminary results from our own consumer study of 100+ medical marijuana patients, consumers often care more about the quality of the pot they are purchasing than any other factor including price.  Holistic Herbal Healers have also got to be hoping this will help impress the San Jose City Council who voted last week to reduce the number of dispensaries in their area from an estimated 140 to just 10.

The lab offers tests for THC-CBD-CBN potency, pesticides analysis, and mold & fungi screening.  Each requires one gram minimum and takes between 3-5 business days to get results.  Lab tests are only available through participating dispensaries, of which there are 11 in CA.

We don’t know of labs serving dispensaries in other states (and shudder to think of the regulations Colorado might invent to cover transporting samples to a lab and back), but dispensaries can buy do-it-yourself testing kits available from Grow Buddy of Bozeman Montana.  (You can see a video of how the kits work here.)   The kits only measure cannabanoids.  But, it’s better than nothing, and “lab tested” looks great on your dispensary labels.