State treasurers ask Trump for legal clarification on cannabis

The state treasurers of both Illinois and Massachusetts this week asked the Trump administration for legal clarity on where the new president stands on marijuana.

On Tuesday, Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking for specifics on how the Department of Justice plans on enforcing federal cannabis laws, the Associated Press reported.

A day before that, Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs sent President Trump a letter requesting clarification on exactly what his administration’s overall MJ policy will be and how it could affect stakeholders such as medical cannabis patients, doctors who recommend MMJ, and state-licensed businesses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“If the Trump administration seeks greater enforcement, then it should clearly define what this means so hardworking people in Illinois can make informed decisions,” Frerichs said, referring to a prediction White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made on Feb. 23 that “greater enforcement” of federal MJ laws was on the horizon.

Goldberg has similar concerns, the AP reported, given that neither Trump nor Sessions has articulated a specific cannabis policy, and because the Obama administration operated on a mostly hands-off approach to state MJ laws under the 2013 Cole Memo.

Frerichs’ press release further stated that Trump’s approach to banking marijuana-related businesses “will be a strong consideration when lawmakers decide to expand or kill (Illinois’ MMJ) pilot program” when it sunsets in 2020.

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6 comments on “State treasurers ask Trump for legal clarification on cannabis
  1. Jim Papsdorf on

    The Donald is going to need a lot of money to launch his programs. If he were to push recreational legalization across the country with a 3% Federal Excise Tax he really could make America great again ! And he would be in the White House until 2025 !

  2. Jilean on

    Well lets see how SMART Trump really is. All things are lining up for him to be GREAT as well as the USA if he only knows how to keep his underlings in control and if he makes wise decisions. Stop the people who are pushing their own agenda and not the will of the people. Guys like Sessions should be sent to help build the wall and should be made to use a pick and shovel.

  3. Eric246 on

    So here’s my take, it was and is unConstitutional to deny citizen’s their pursuit of life, liberty, AND HAPPINESS.
    The very same Federal Government was founded to assure every citizen those basic human rights but only to Citizens would the government protect those rights, I assert any law that violates those three citizens rights is no law at all. I don’t leap beyond those basic rights afforded to all citizens and extend them out side of our country as that would violate other countries sovereignty as nations. But the Fed’s never miss a chance to make a buck, but the only parties that benefit from prohibition are the prison industrial complex, for profit privatized prisons have no place in a “free country”. The Fed’s have no right to superceed States rights in this regard. The ninth and tenth amendment nullifies Federal laws against Cannabis right now, 29 states have declared it to be so. Hey Uncle Sam, we are trying to assert our rights, resistance is futile.

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