Steep Hill Labs partners with Israeli marijuana firm

California-based Steep Hill Labs entered into a partnership with iCAN, an Israeli medical marijuana company, to establish a testing lab in the Middle Eastern country.

The deal is perhaps the first of its kind for a U.S.-based marijuana testing company to expand internationally. An Israeli testing firm announced last month it planned to set up shop in North America.

Aside from California, Steep Hill already has labs in Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico and Washington state, according to its website.

The simple goal of Steep Hill’s Israeli lab is “to further research the cannabis plant,” according to a news release.

“Steep Hill Israel will empower growers with the technology to breed specific strains, based on genetics and expected chemical profiles for specific patient conditions/diseases,” the release continued.

According to the release, iCAN is a “global accelerator” that specifically targets companies in the marijuana industry to invest in, and it intends to leverage Steep Hill’s intellectual property, scientific processes and brand.