Unlicensed MI medical marijuana dispensaries allowed to temporarily reopen

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More than 60 unlicensed medical cannabis dispensaries that were shuttered in Michigan are being allowed to again sell product, until March 31, in response to legal challenges and complaints about shortages.

The state medical marijuana licensing board voted unanimously to allow dispensaries in the process of trying to get a permanent state license under a new stricter system to reopen, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Previously, those dispensaries had to close by Dec. 31.

Dispensaries that had to close temporarily lost thousands of dollars in sales.

Additionally, the licensing board:

  • Voted to allow those dispensaries already licensed under the new system to continue buying medical marijuana from a caregiver or temporarily operating facility until March 31.  That provision also is designed to resolve MMJ-shortage issues.
  • Approved five additional MMJ licenses, including two for dispensaries. The state now has approved 104 licenses, including 54 dispensary permits, under its revised regulatory framework.