Pennsylvania’s review of vaporized medical cannabis products heats up

Controversy over a Pennsylvania review of medical marijuana vape products has mushroomed, with regulators warning that some products could be removed from the shelves, grower/processors contemplating legal action against the state and 630,000-plus patients in the dark about what to do.

Image of a vape pen

Pennsylvania order targeting vaporized products upends cannabis market

In an unprecedented move, Pennsylvania medical marijuana regulators are ordering every licensed grower/processor to resubmit vaporized cannabis products that contain additives for another approval – a move that experts fear could cause serious product disruptions and financial losses.

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Know your terpenes: A guide for cannabis products

Humans have consumed terpenes for hundreds of years.

These organic compounds are highly abundant in many plants that have been consumed for flavor, aroma or therapeutic purposes since ancient times.

Most terpenes are recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.