WA Sheriff: Rec Marijuana is Working

A Washington State sheriff has a message about marijuana for Oregon voters.

“The sky hasn’t fallen,” King County Sheriff John Urquhart said in a recent interview with The Associated Press, referring to Washington’s new recreational cannabis industry.

Urquhart went so far as to appear in a video ad for the group that’s backing Oregon’s recreational marijuana ballot measure, which voters will consider next month. The ad will be broadcast both on TV and online.

, WA Sheriff: Rec Marijuana is Working

In the ad, Urquhart asserts, “Strict regulations are working. Here it’s really better already. It’s your vote, not mine, but it’s working here.”

The Oregon State Sheriff’s Association is opposing the marijuana ballot initiative, called Measure 91.

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One comment on “WA Sheriff: Rec Marijuana is Working
  1. Lyle Courtsal on

    Yup, it’s working at preventing fatalities from the overuse of other killer addictive drugs and also reducing traffic fatalities as well. Washington state de-regulated the alcohol supply; prices went up as usual in any de-regulation situation. Lyle Courtsal

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