Two successful applicants ask AR judge to lift order stopping medical marijuana licensing

Two of five companies that were slated to receive Arkansas’ first licenses to grow medical marijuana asked a state judge to lift his order halting the permitting process.

Natural State Wellness Enterprises and Delta Medical Cannabis Company filed a motion requesting that Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen vacate his order preventing Arkansas from issuing its first medical marijuana cultivation licenses.

Griffen ruled last week that the licensing process violated a 2016 voter-approved constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for patients with certain conditions.

Natural State said in its filing that the case should be transferred to Lee County, where another lawsuit over the licensing process had been filed.

Delta said its license was issued fairly and that the problems raised in a lawsuit by an unsuccessful applicant don’t apply to its facility.

Griffen ruled in favor of the unsuccessful applicant, Naturalis Health.

The state is appealing Griffen’s ruling.

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9 comments on “Two successful applicants ask AR judge to lift order stopping medical marijuana licensing
  1. Benny Smith on

    It’s been awhile since the new medical marijuana laws were passed, like over a year, and still patients are not gonna be made available to receive medical help that was legally voted in and successfully passed. Some judges , or self anointed overseers of their own interests, choose not to do the voters will. Well, I hope their concious can hold up to a child or any other persons medical suffering just because they think they know what is best , overriding the voters that pay their salary. I hope they come to their senses and do what they are appointed to do. Quit playing with peoples medical rights please!

    • Chas Burrow on

      Agreed ,everyone should let their voice be heard……..Arkansas has plenty of unfair practices and this is only hurting innocent people who invested .Not only needed for coronic pain and relief it also stops the contributing revenue for this state.Stop the nonsense and see where exactly this judge stands in the past and what interest groups he may favor.
      Secondly ,when would the federal government ever stop legislation because someone filed a lawsuit.You’re sticking this in the voter face and now restricting something on the books we have ask for…..This tactic is violation and goes against the voters rights….You have violated innocent people ……This can legally be resolved without holding up innocent people right for medical relief….

      Judge Griffen and his contributors should be held liable for all the suffering people have to go through waiting for this petty enactment of sure power and abuse….This lawsuit could have been filed earlier and not at the last mioment.Do process should not be stopped ….people that abuse their power should….

  2. Thomas gill on

    I think this judge and anyone associated with him should be checked out and see where this is really coming from.

  3. Michael on

    Actually, the state of Arkansas failed to follow the very laws and procedures that ‘they’ designed to prevent unfairness and to ensure a quality medical marijuana program. That fact alone clearly makes these licenses invalid as the process in which they were awarded was unconstitutional.

    • Jared d May on

      I’m shocked that nowhere in that comment was said anything about helping suffering people who have gone over and above to prove their eligibility for legal treatment. The stand off attitude in that comment is proof of how money always poisons the well. BIG PHARMA STAY AWAY….YOUR HAT TRICKS ARE WELL KNOWN TO HUMANE HUMANKIND THST ARE NIT INTERESTED IN HOW MUCH MONEY YOU LOSE. IF YOU WERE SMART YOU WOULD INVEST IN MAKING THIS HAPPEN. WIN WIN FOR ALL.

  4. Ken C Harrell on

    I agree.
    I have paid alot of money and time to be screwed over by zome no name judge.
    I guarantee if he or a family member needed it.
    It would be a different story.
    Man we voted and won.
    What do you have to do?

  5. Disgusted Resident on

    I’m starting to believe that they purposely tried to make it so hard to gain a license to discourage people from applying,that when so many still went through it,they had to figure another way to delay the process. It’s not that hard,how many states have done this process??? Why not just use their models??? Just makes us look like the hillbilly bumpkins many think populate this state!!!!

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