Alabama gov signs bill establishing medical marijuana study group

Alabama won’t become the latest state to legalize medical cannabis this year, but it took a potential step forward for 2020.

Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a bill that would set up a medical marijuana commission to study the issue and then make recommendations to the Alabama Legislature next year on how to implement a medical cannabis program, Montgomery TV station WSFA reported.

The bill was a result of a compromise between state lawmakers in the waning hours of the 2019 legislative session, after an attempt at MMJ legalization passed the state Senate but then hit a wall in a House committee.

The new commission will have 15 members, including doctors and other appointees from the governor, state lawmakers and the Alabama attorney general.

Draft legislation and MMJ policy recommendations are due to the Legislature by Dec. 1.

The bill also extends a statute that allows some patients to access CBD oil through a study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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28 comments on “Alabama gov signs bill establishing medical marijuana study group
  1. DR on

    This is a farce, they will pad the committee with anti cannabis religious zealots and the bill will go no where or will be so restrictive to patients that it will basically be a “on paper only” legalized medical cannabis law.

  2. Sherry on

    Alabama will be last again. Last in Education and the last state to approve medical marijuana. We lead the country in something. Unjust sentences for marijuana possession. And the young person caught with a little weed is housed with rapists, killers and theifs.

    • TM on

      Hence why they need a convicted weed felon on the board. I find it funny and not so funny that these “boards” are comprised of wealthy business owners or older reefer madness folks that have never, repeat never, used the plant in a correct or medicinal manner. Nobody realizes that cannabis when it’s plucked right off the plant is 100% harmless and contains zero psychoactive properties. Much like a fresh fruit versus a fruit that has sat and been fermented.

      The lack of cannabis awareness and the lack of cannabis education is the biggest hurdle. Why not put someone on the board who has not only suffered the ridiculous consequences of possessing cannabis and is thoroughly educated on the plant itself. From cultivation to distribution to the effects on the body both good and bad.

      Where’s the panel group for this? Where is the board member that actually knows their stuff?

      Won’t happen.

      • Henry Peters on

        I feel you I’m in that bad spot where I used it for medical for 38 yr now I’m can’t and am facing 7 yr for cultivating 9 small plants

      • Renee Prevatt on

        I have faith that the people ( professionals) will do what is best for the people in Alabama who have tried other methods prescribed by a Dr. and have had NO comfort!
        I know that no opioid is going to take the pain completely away no matter what milligram they are given, it is to take the edge off & nothing else.
        The cannabis on the other hand is proven to relieve pain, anxiety, depression & allow the person to have the ability to live a better life & not feel like their quality MEANS staying away from their own family or not being able to enjoy the things they love.
        I am speaking from personal experiences from being a certified nurse and being a private home health care provider for hospice, I observed too many whose suffering could have been eased allowing them to be comfortable instead of passing away from unbearable pain.
        I have a dear friend who was diagnosed in may 2019 with lung cancer and by August it had moved to her brain, her time is limited but she is on medicinal marijuana & it is making a huge difference.
        I have a younger brother in Alabama who has rectal cancer stage 3 ????
        I know he is in constant pain, his pain medication is for breakthrough pain, he can’t rest & is completely frustrated because of not being able to live at least some sort of a normal lifestyle, his life right now is Dr. Appointments, test, poked like a pincushion.
        I know by passing this you can bring a huge relief to those truly in need.
        I respectfully ask that ALL of you think…..
        if this was someone you love so much and they were suffering, wouldn’t you do WHATEVER it takes to help give them a better quality of life or would you just sit back and watch them suffer?
        You all have the ability & chance to help each one.
        Please don’t give up on them.
        Thank you

  3. Karen Howard on

    I have Multiple Sclerosis, i need medical cannabis so bad !! I am tired of getting it, and worrying about law enforcement when i should not have to, i am dying, it helps pain some, it helps to calm my nerves, helps me relax, helps my appetite, i dont stress out so much, helps my sleep, keeps me from thinking so much, oh my goodness, and much more, it helps so much! Why wouldn’t the state let the people who medically need it, have it? I don’t understand. I live less than an hour away where it’s legal. I should not have to risk my skin for something that helps so much!!! Come on Alabama, do your people right. The sick need you. Stand up for us!

  4. Crickett mccown on

    I ask each and everyone in office to take a real strong look at our drug companies giving opioids you people who are in severe pain. Who only ask for a little relief. People who do not want to be called a drug addict. Have a open mind when you see a cancer victim who cannot eat who’s pain is so strong that they only want some relief. For a parkinson patient who cant hold a fork or a spoon who’s tremors are so great. That medical marijuana would calm the tremors down . A child suffering from seizures
    Who only wants to live a somewhat normal life. I ask for your mercy as I have seen this all first hand. Please make this available to the sick. Give them that opportunity to have a choice. Thank you.

    • Glenn on

      I totally agree with you because I have been battling with chirrosis now for almost 6 years and it’s gotten so bad here recently that I went almost 2 weeks without eating and barely drinking I’ve lost almost 30 pounds in 2 months the vomiting and dry heaving every morning got awful so I started back smoking reefer again and now I get up I smoke one and no vomiting no dry heaving it makes me eat and drink and helps with the pain I just don’t understand how a man made substance like ALCOHOL AND PHARMACEUTICALS are legal and both of those KILL people but something that is put here by the man upstairs and grows from a seed in the ground also does absolute wonders for many different illnesses is illegal I just don’t get that at all

  5. John Irvin on

    I see the Commission has been updated from 11 members to 15.
    The A.G. Steve Marshall expressed some concerns over the detection of D.U.I. of cannabis.
    Experienced Law Enforcement agents are well aware of the tell tale signs. However, the effects of cannabis differs widely from one individual to another. I’m sure a saliva/urine field test that reacts to certain thresholds that mirror certain concentrations can be developed. As for transportation, the same open container laws that apply to alcohol can easily be applied.
    Grow stocks (seeds/clones, etc.) could be acquired from local police department evidence lockers so as to avoid any complications that would ensue by the interstate transportation of said grow stocks.
    The taxes for any prospective growers could be in total of around 49%. Then, there is the question of who can grow it. Will the private sector be able to participate or, will the state command total control? In my estimate, $5.00 per gram (wholesale) would totally eliminate the criminal element. The retail market could double that rate or, even triple it. Now, at $5.00 per gram, a 100 pound yield would sell for $240,000.00 Half would go to taxes Then, there is operating costs, after which, For the private sector, this is a cash cow and, the revenues to the State would be off of the charts.
    I move that any legal cannabis in Alabama should be totally by and, for Alabama.
    There are 4 major players in this new industry and, all of them are based in Canada. They are making billions. Come on Alabama, get with it.

    • TM on

      They will have a very hard time doing “field sobriety tests” and have them stick in court.

      Why am I the only one who understands the actual uses and effects of cannabis? Do you folks realize that caffeine can kill you? Do you folks realize that too much caffeine can greatly affect your driving and ability to react (or overreact) Nobody gets pulled over and is asked how much coffee or caffeine they have had. Let me be the first to tell you, I can’t have coffee. I get so jittery that it impairs my ability to think clearly and use my extremities correctly. I can’t sit down and play the piano smoothly or type a letter without countless errors after coffee, but ya’ll don’t bat an eye when looking at a family with their little kids sipping away on a latte chalked up with sugar and caffeine. But let’s arrest and incarcerate the cannabis folks. Newsflash people, it’s all oil. Caffeine is oil. Cannabis is oil. One can kill you, one cannot. One is widely accepted and one is shut down. Let me be the first to tell you all the research they supposedly have is tainted to paint a picture they want you to see.

      They will never tell you that cannabis is likely the greatest tool to combat blood sugar irregularities and fights unnecessary weight gain from a hormone imbalance. Cannabis regulates your hormones and blood sugar better than anything on the market today (there goes all your diabetes medications and all those big pharmaceutical companies crying over it.) Cannabis for a sleepy driver will wake his butt up for another hour of driving. Don’t believe me, let me prove it. I’ve done my own research and I know what the others don’t want to expose. Cannabis helps me lose weight, drive better, sit with my little kids with ease and enjoy their company, mow the lawn, clean the house, detail the car and do all of it with a great big smile on my face. Cannabis is by far the greatest plant we have ever known, and it’s been under lock and key for selfish/money-monopoly reasons.

      Plain and simple you don’t know what you don’t know. When people are afraid of something they don’t know, they won’t accept anything positive about it. Just like these political groups. You can’t convince these people on the other side of the aisle. They don’t want to listen. Money is the reason to this miracle plant being robbed of its rightful position in our households. Cannabis should be as free to grow in your garden as limes or roses. Cannabis when juiced fresh, plucked right off the tree, first off has zero psycho active properties and is likely the greatest puck of nutrients you could ever fit in a glass. Cannabis juice is 100x more effective than celery juice, and you can’t find celery stocked in many stores today bc everyone now knows the secret to celery juice.

      Only negative about cannabis is the stigma. Only thing about cannabis that most people don’t understand is that it needs to get comfortable in your system before you can start to benefit from it correctly. Like a steroid pack from the doctor for reducing inflammation after an injury, the first couple days of the steroid pack don’t have much effect because it takes a few days of consistent dosing to get the body to work with it. And after a specific amount of time you are Stop the steroids so your body comes back to its natural balance. Cannabis works with your body because we are born with cannabinoid receptors in our brain that communicate throughout our entire central nervous system. In other words, cannabis is more effective than pharmaceutical drugs at treating everything we can imagine. Hence why it’s under lock and key. Cannabis can be run everyday for life, with zero negative side effects. Don’t believe me, challenge me. I would like to meet a healthier person, more in tune with their body and over all health than me. Personally I have used cannabis for the last 20 years, taking a few breaks to better understand the weight and gravity it has on my health and my life. The end all, say all, is cannabis works. It works to keep me awake and alert when driving. It keeps me regular and my moods more stable. Keeps my weight down and my attitude in check. Cannabis is my coffee, and is a multi-billion dollar tax revenue generating thing that will help in more ways than you think.

      Cannabis isn’t the problem folks. It’s the lack of awareness and the lack of people like me willing to step up and put our research out there for others to tap into and learn for themselves – without that, is the problem. Nobody knows the truth behind cannabis because everyone is afraid of the legal ramifications of setting up focus groups and education panels to do exactly this – research it. They have done a great job at keeping people in prison who deal with cannabis bc cannabis people have a ton of money and never put up a fight. Cops don’t want to bust crackheads with guns and diseases they can inflict by spitting on you, cops like everyone else go after the low hanging fruit. Cannabis is easy to bust, and us cannabis folks are your doctors, lawyers, school super intendants, police chiefs and fireman. I know, I sell it to them.

      • Raleigh Price on

        Your right on the money with an it helps me with my seizures an helps me sleep there nothing wrong marijuana it’s better for you then the pills you can’t OD on it

  6. Michael Long on

    I have a neurological degenerative cerebellum called Frederick Ataxia. I have been waiting for this chance to use legal weed. I feel like I should have a permit for this as I have lived this way many years. Please contact me as I am 61 yrs old and have lived my life this way. Michael Long

  7. Elyk on

    These are the ONLY fair rules.
    No Marijuana sales.
    No corporate farms
    No crossing states lines
    15 plants per person
    Any form of marijuana OK.
    Gifting and donations commended.

    Any other rules and we open graft.

    Keep Cannabis to the people, not profit.

  8. Steve R. Odom on

    I’m 63 yrs old. In 1982 I blew my back out at work unloading a grocery truck. I couldn’t walk for three days and spent 7 days in the hospital.
    This was the beginning of a long process of extreme pain. Five back surgeries later, both knees replaced and my right hip replaced due to a motorcycle accident.
    Pain is my almost constant companion. I have been on opioids for many, many years. In 2002 I almost got strung out on pain killers. I was a mess. I went to a pain clinic for 16 1/2 yrs. I cannot quit them all at once.
    In the last year I began to try CBD Oil and also tried Cannabis. My sleeping had almost gone to zilch. Since using cannabis, I’m sleeping once again, and it has helped with the pain wonderfully.
    I want off opioids. I want my health back. I’m tried of putting something manmade into my body just to get some relief.
    Also, we have to be concerned about getting busted.
    This is just a small part of what I go through and I’m not alone.
    Please, in Montgomery, pass a Medical Cannabis Law to help us.
    As the years go by, most of my life is behind me. So, I would like my last 30 or more yrs to be as pain free as I can.
    Montgomery, (lawmakers), please help us. If you had a debilitating problem, you would look at this more aggressively.
    In closing, PLEASE HELP US!!!

    • Angela W. on

      I suffer from severe migraines chronic pain severe depression and anxiety high blood pressure and I have a factor C blood clotting problems. I’ve always been a good Preston and I stay out of trouble I have no criminal history. Whether believed or not this plant HELPS. We really need this not for ourselves but for those like us or worst off than us. Come on Alabama let’s get it together. There are a lot of us in pain.

  9. phillip gossett on

    If it’s left up to people in politics , Doctors, here in Alabama you might as well be dissapointed now.They have done studies in all the states that have legalized marajuana why not just get the studies from them and quit wasting money & time when there is already proof it works. !!! I don’t like man made pills & their side effects. People here in Alabama need to stand up and tell these folks in our state legislation to let use vote on this not them this is America we should be involved in this process after all who knows your pain & anxiety better than ourselves. Please stand up for your rights .

  10. Mike on

    Having a committee with Doctors , Stste Attorneys etc… is a way to pass the blame toward the committee when it’s said and done to appease the people in Alabama.

    Will this pass in 2020? No! More than likely since doctors work with big pharmaceutical companies their interests in this is already negative. Attorneys fight to keep this stuff away so they are already against it . Farmers would profit from this but they don’t make up enough of the committee.

    In short this was a setup to get a No Go, pass the blame and give them another 2-3 years before they bring this back up .

    • Deb on

      Exactly! It’s plain as day to anyone with half a brain! They have no plans to let Alabama become a legal state… Not even medical!

  11. Mitch on

    Alabama is a backwards ass state. The state is missing out on so much revenue from marijuana and lotto. It’s like Montgomery law makers and Poison Ivey are anti progressive. F the toll, take the causeway

  12. Tina on

    I’m 62 years old lived in Alabama my entire life!! A little small town, that has absolutely Nothing except Banks places to eat and Car lots. A few ball parks is all they have to offer our youth. Nothing ever changes!! Why would anyone choose to move their family here? We are at bottom come in last for everything EXCEPT FOOTBALL ?! We have a beautiful state that needs some representatives that wants growth and change especially changes that will benefit our people and our State. I think Pot should be legalized for anyone over the age of 21,lottery should too. This would be a start to better schools, medical Insurance for all low income, more business and more money. Alabama the Beautiful deserve a Update!

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