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Maggie Cowee

Maggie has 15 years of experience providing agribusiness research, analysis and education to business owners through land-grant universities, with a specialization in agricultural risk management, niche marketing and feasibility assessment. Maggie holds a master’s degree in agricultural and resource economics.

Chart: Forced store closures hit Massachusetts marijuana retailers to the tune of $2 million per day

Lost recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts stemming from forced store closures already could amount to $40 million among the state’s cannabis retailers, underscoring business owners’ need to be strategic about their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Massachusetts adult-use marijuana retailers, which were forced to close on March 24 by the governor, might be missing out […]

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Chart: Marijuana brand concentration highlights need for strategic branding, marketing

As most recreational cannabis markets mature, a small number of brands are gobbling up the majority of sales. Brand concentration – where a few brands command most of a segment’s sales – highlights the importance of effective branding and messaging for marijuana companies. “When analyzing the competitive landscape of the cannabis market we often look […]

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Chart: New York’s medical marijuana program grows, but future business opportunity hinges on adult-use legalization

While New York’s medical cannabis patient registry increased by more than 23,000 in 2019, growth has slowed significantly because of various market factors leading to a low consumer participation rate. Less than 1% of New York residents have signed on as medical marijuana patients, due in part to restrictions on cannabis product forms and limited […]

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Chart: Cannabis delivery companies adapt strategy to focus on increasing participation by women

As cannabis acceptance becomes widespread, consumer demographics have shifted to include more women, impacting methods used by businesses to reach their target audience. San Francisco-based Eaze, an online cannabis marketplace and home delivery service, reported the number of women participating on its platform increased 81% between 2018 and 2019. That brings the company’s total proportion […]

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Chart: Local approval in Michigan adult-use marijuana program creates uneven business opportunity

Michigan’s strategy for adult-use cannabis businesses empowers localities to control their communities, but it creates disparate business opportunities within the state’s market. Regulators chose not to restrict the number of recreational marijuana businesses allowed statewide but granted municipalities local approval. Adult-use sales began in Michigan on Dec. 1, 2019, and could reach $1.4 billion to […]

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Chart: Pre-Christmas marijuana product sales increase up to 53%

‘Tis the season for increased holiday spending – and that includes outlays on recreational cannabis products, which saw average category sales increases of more than 50% in 2018 on items designated for both gift-giving and personal consumption. Data from Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset shows that sales in the pre-Christmas week (Dec. 18-Dec. 24) in 2018 […]

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Chart: Marijuana sales increase on Green Wednesday, Black Friday

As shoppers head out to prepare for Thanksgiving and participate in Black Friday sales, data from two firms show consumers may be upping their purchases of marijuana products as well. Data from Seattle-based Headset reveals that 2018 sales on “Green Wednesday” – the day before Thanksgiving – increased 63% over the average Wednesday. And Santa […]

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