British Columbia opens agricultural grants to cannabis companies

Canada cannabis grants, British Columbia opens agricultural grants to cannabis companies

Cannabis companies in British Columbia may access a suite of cost-sharing programs through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), a 3 billion Canadian dollar ($2.2 billion) initiative by the federal government and provinces to support agricultural businesses across the country.

While not all provinces allow marijuana firms to tap CAP funding, a B.C. Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson confirmed, “Cannabis producers or projects can access or be part of certain Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs and services” in the western province.

British Columbia’s share of the program is CA$115 million.

The available funding ranges from CA$16,000 to purchase and install traceability systems to CA$70,000 to “increase your agricultural sustainability.”

The various programs have different deadlines and eligibility requirements, though most are accepting applications currently.

The funding may be particularly appealing to micro-cultivators – a newer class of cannabis cultivators – when they become fully licensed.

Other programs identified by the Ministry of Agriculture for cannabis businesses include:

Others provinces, such as New Brunswick and Alberta, only allow industrial hemp cultivators to apply for Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding.

Newfoundland classifies cannabis cultivation as “commercial,” which puts it under the domain of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation. CAP funding is not open to cannabis in that province.

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