Canadian recreational cannabis sales rise in October to CA$448.6 million

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Canadian sales of recreational cannabis rose to 448.6 million Canadian dollars in October ($336 million), marking a small increase from the previous month and a 15% increase over the same period last year.

By comparison, sales fell 6.2% in September on a month-over-month basis.

The new data from Statistics Canada shows that CA$4.2 billion worth of cannabis was sold in Canada through the first 10 months of 2023, which was 26% more than in January-October 2022.

Ontario continued to lead the country with CA$177.7 million in sales in October, or 1% more than September.

Alberta was next with CA$76.4 million in sales, about the same as the month before.

In the remaining provinces, monthly marijuana sales in October 2023 and comparisons to sales in September 2023 were:

  • British Columbia: CA$70.9 million (even).
  • Quebec: CA$57.5 million (+7.7%).
  • Manitoba: CA$18.8 million (+9%).
  • Nova Scotia: CA$10.2 million (+3.2%).
  • New Brunswick: CA$7.5 million (+2.7%).
  • Newfoundland: CA$7.3 million (+1.2%).
  • Prince Edward Island: CA$2.1 million (+3%).
  • Saskatchewan: CA$17.7 million (+9%).
  • Yukon: CA$1.1 million (even).

By municipality, Toronto and Montreal recorded the highest October sales.

Toronto’s sales were CA$58.7 million, a 1.2% month-over-month increase.

Montreal’s sales were CA$31 million, up 7.7% versus September.

Cannabis retail sales in select Canadian cities and monthly sales changes were:

  • Edmonton, Alberta: CA$25.7 million (even).
  • Vancouver, British Columbia: CA$23.1 million (+1.5%).
  • Calgary, Alberta: CA$21.3 million (+1%).
  • Ottawa, Ontario: CA$16 million (even).
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba: CA$11.5 million (+9%).
  • Quebec City: CA$5.1 million (+7.7%).
  • Gatineau, Quebec: CA$1.4 million (+7.7%).

Statistics Canada’s cannabis retail sales data is available here.