Officials block Denver bars, eateries from public MJ use

Denver bars and many restaurants hoping to capitalize on a new voter initiative allowing cannabis use at some businesses might be out of luck, as officials moved to prevent the mixing of alcohol and marijuana.

State licensing officials announced Friday a new regulation that will ban bars and many eateries from applying for a permit to allow public use of cannabis, the Denver Post reported.

Under Initiative 300, businesses and other establishments can secure a public-use permit, provided that a neighborhood organization signs off on the bid.

But the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Liquor Enforcement Division decided to limit the scope of the measure by approving a regulation preventing any business with a liquor license from participating.

Last week’s Nov. 8 election made Denver in the first city in the nation to allow consumption of marijuana in businesses and other establishments.

 Initiative 300 calls for the creation of a four-year pilot program permitting public consumption.

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