Colorado rejects organic labeling for marijuana

Colorado state lawmakers have rejected legislation to certify organic marijuana, because of worries the label would imply MJ is healthy.

A senate panel this week killed the bill 4-3. It would have made Colorado the first state in the nation to offer organic certification for cannabis grown without pesticides, the Associated Press reported.

Some lawmakers worried the label would suggest marijuana is a health product without adverse effects.

Others voiced concerns the U.S. Department of Agriculture would penalize Colorado agriculture regulators for labeling a federally illegal substance as organic. The federal government regulates organic standards.

Ben Gelt of the Denver-based Organic Cannabis Association, an industry group pushing for organic pot standards, criticized the committee’s vote, noting that chocolate and wine – which typically don’t spring to mind as health foods – can receive organic certification.

The bill originally was introduced because of fears that growers were slapping organic labels on their products when they really weren’t organic.

A recent Marijuana Business Daily survey found that 59% of wholesale growers said they grew all their cannabis organically.

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6 comments on “Colorado rejects organic labeling for marijuana
  1. numbnuts on

    look for the EPA to adjust its stance on cannabis production with worker protection policy January 2017

  2. Troy on

    59 percent grow organically yea right I have been in industry for 20 years and I’ve only met a hand full of people who grow organically every one else thinks they are intell they meet me

    • bongstar420 on

      Its dumb..

      My stuff is more organic than many “organic” growers if I don’t spray it with stuff that actually works

  3. bongstar420 on

    Why don’t labs just offer testing that verifies claims?

    …because a lab cannot tell the difference between “organic” that hasn’t been sprayed vs conventional that hasn’t been sprayed.

  4. bongstar420 on

    Why don’t labs just test product and prove “organic?”

    Because there is not an objective difference less spray….and really, most spray will not show up in a lab test if you are competent.

  5. Clifton D. Croan on

    The Colorado legislature might not be as gullible as they were in the past which will make these efforts, to promote the products, more difficult and observation of the industry more intense. There is a general realization in the GA.. that the “medical” cannabis industry did not live up to it’s attempt to legitimize its care nor to professionalize it’s services.

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