Congressmen Want Protection for MJ Advertising

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Advertising for legal marijuana companies may become a bit easier in the near future if a handful of members of Congress have their way.

Eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking that the Department of Justice enact a policy of not prosecuting publications that run state-legal cannabis advertisements, according to the North Coast Journal.

“We therefore request that DOJ offer guidance to clearly establish… that DOJ will not prosecute individuals who are placing advertisements for marijuana products in accordance with state law,” the letter reads.

The letter was written after the U.S. Postal Service declared in December that cannabis-related advertisements could not legally be mailed, given marijuana’s ongoing status as a Schedule I narcotic.

“The USPS has made clear their position, but this still leaves uncertainty for businesses, including newspapers, as to how DOJ will react to any information provided by USPS about marijuana advertisements,” the letter reads.

And as columnist Jacob Sullum noted in Forbes, the Controlled Substances Act makes it a felony to publish any ad related to a Schedule I drug.