Denver Council gives initial OK to ease rules for cannabis social consumption sites

The Denver City Council gave preliminary approval to relax rules that require marijuana social consumption businesses to operate at least 1,000 feet from schools, child care facilities, drug and alcohol treatment centers and city recreation buildings.

The proposal – which is expected to jump-start the city’s fledgling social use program and generate new business applications – will trim the distance requirements to 500 feet for all those locations except schools, The Denver Post reported.

The potential policy change comes almost a year after city officials rejected a proposed “cannabis spa and lounge” because the facility was 19 feet too close to a child care facility.

The council’s vote is a preliminary move and will require a final vote at a future council meeting, the newspaper noted.

To read more about the council’s proposal, click here.


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9 comments on “Denver Council gives initial OK to ease rules for cannabis social consumption sites
  1. Marc on

    You legalize marijuana medicinally. Acceptable… barely. Then legalize recreational. Knowing that that would increase the homelessness. Knowing the homelessness would contribute to an increase in crime. Sure, polis is such a moron that he wouldn’t dare have the guts to walk down the 16th Street Mall to see how disgusting it is compared to before legalized marijuana. And now it’s more important to make it more convenient and accessible to the homeless than legal honest hard-working citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights. Hope that POS is recalled along with every other crook that hides behind that title of liberal. You should be proud because you’ve ruined this state for honest people. You’ve made honest hard-working people who have called this state home for their whole lives, well you’ve made them second class citizens. And as far as proposition 300? You believe that someone moving here for legal marijuana really wants to work? Ha!

    • Danny Tullius on

      I am a substance abuse counselor and I could fill this whole entire page with the negative side effects of marijuana just like big tobacco took us all the wrong way marijuana will be 10 times worse I’m in the trenches I see it happen all the time it’s a gateway drug more young people are getting a hold of and known fact is this it hurts long term memory 38 % do not graduate from high school and all the new chronic illness that are developing in emergency rooms all across Colorado and they will find out it’s more cancerous van tobacco and this is just the start should they have legalized it yes because they can’t stop it is it worse than alcohol I don’t know pic what gun you want to get shot by it’s all a menace

      • J lowrance on

        You sir are full of s**t and only indoctrinated people like you have this ridiculous stigma that you continue to attach to marijuana

      • Jonathan Lemaire on

        Lol yet another councilor who needs council.. Marijuana is safe period. I have consumed the joyful herb for over three decades, and it was never a gateway drug…no the true gateway for myself and millions of people was ritilan, to treat my overactive childhood, which led to one horrible side effect after another and put me on street drugs. Thankfully Marijuana saved me from real addiction caused by people just like you.

    • Jonathan Lemaire on

      Wow the damage Fox news does to the minds of the below average is scary! To think that Liberals are any different than Republicans is just plain stupidity, both sides of that coin are at fault. Independent thinking is the way if you actually can think for yourself instead of letting your chosen source of propaganda do it for you.

    • Aaron on

      We have had a major homeless problem and has nothing to do with legal weed. I work downtown near park ave and Larimer. There is hundreds of homeless people on that block and they have major drug issues and I can assure you it isnt weed. They openly smoke crack on the street. You may not like weed but doesnt mean you blame everything on it. Colorado doesnt want cry babies we need people with ideas not criticism. So leave Colorado doesnt want you here

  2. Jonathan Lemaire on

    Let freedom ring!! I’m finally excited to be an American now that basic logical freedoms exist in this awesome state! Anyone who wants to deny our freedom are not Patriots, and if you want to try to deny my personal freedoms gained by this legislative movement you will have asked for the fight of your life..I don’t treat fascists kindly! Marijuana is safe, much safer than our other legal vices.

  3. Gregory M Touzalin on

    I agree with J, Danny t is a moron!! You should be ashamed to even mention yourself as a counselor you couldn’t counsel s*** if s*** it was in your lap. You and the other so called professionals do not know the medicinal benefits of this wonderful, god given plant. You need to update your research so you don’t put out the wrong information …

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