Denver establishes number of marijuana business locations

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(This story has been updated to add more details about the proposal.)

Denver’s marijuana regulator set a new cap for marijuana locations in the city for the first time since 2016.

According to the Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP), the number of allowed locations – not actual licenses – in Denver has been set at 220 retail storefronts and 299 cultivation sites.

By comparison, Denver currently has 212 marijuana retail storefronts and 247 cultivation sites, according to OMP spokesman Eric Escudero.

“We have not officially calculated how many new locations this will open up for cultivations and retail stores via the lottery,” Escudero wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

“But if our current market remains stable, we anticipate it will probably not be a large number.”

Applications for the additional locations will be available through a lottery.

The OMP will ask the Denver City Council on March 17 to allow the lottery to be held in 2021.

That timetable will allow the agency to develop a social equity plan for diversity applicants seeking to enter Denver’s legal marijuana space.

The location caps do not apply to:

  • Infused product manufacturing facilities.
  • Testing facilities.
  • Transporters
  • Social consumption areas.