Error Could Force Oregon to Revoke Hemp Licenses

Oregon may revoke all 13 licenses it issued to hemp growers earlier this year after officials said they made an error by neglecting to obtain GPS locations when determining who would win permits.

Outdoor marijuana growers have complained that hemp fields near their production facilities could potentially bring down THC levels in their cannabis, rendering it far less valuable, according to the Register-Guard newspaper. The Oregon Department of Agriculture issued licenses to hemp growers earlier this year without gathering GPS data on where fields would be located and how big each farm would be, in violation of its own rules.

Amendments proposed this week would revoke all 13 licenses and instead allow six research permits to be issued for hemp fields that could be no closer than five miles from a marijuana cultivation site. They would also ban any new hemp licenses until the end of 2017.

Critics of the amendments said they would effectively kill the state’s hemp industry.

A Josephine County commissioner said the five-mile buffer zone would make it impossible for a producer to plant in her county, as it has a disproportionate number of marijuana cultivation sites, according to The Bend Bulletin, a central Oregon newspaper.

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2 comments on “Error Could Force Oregon to Revoke Hemp Licenses
  1. bongstar420 on

    What douches…issue to hemp liscenses to anyone who wants one.

    Professional pot growers won’t be effected as we would know what our neighbors were up to. People who didn’t plan for this 10 years ago deserve to lose big. Asking for special rules is totally asinine. Drug users do not deserve priority over the general populations need for food and textiles.

  2. Tahoe Joe on

    Get a grip bongstar. Professional growers WILL be affected if they are within 15 miles or more down wind from a hemp farm bud, and those are the facts. Some agricultural scientists think Hemp Pollen may travel even further in some circumstances.
    No one has the right to bring a new industry in that can literally destroy an existing industry that the citizens of the state have voted to allow.
    You should no more be able to establish a facility to kill horses for food next to a day care center than new hemp farmers should be allowed to destroy a legal cannabis farmers crops.
    That would be like raising boll- weevils next to a cotton crop.
    Make some sense buddy.
    And with EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN THE STATE allowed to grow up to 4 plants, hemp could affect every household where citizens have the right to grow their own. The rights of all should not be undone by a dozen guys that want to grow hemp.
    The state is going to set up zones where hemp can be grown, and it will be an orderly and fair process.
    They admit they screwed the pooch handing out licenses improperly so now they’re going to fix it.

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