Florida governor not in favor of limiting THC in marijuana

While saying marijuana products available today might be too potent, Florida’s governor said he does not support capping THC in his state’s medical cannabis market.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ comments on THC caps is significant because Florida is one of several states considering imposing THC limits on marijuana products.

The Florida measure, HB 1455, would cap THC at 10% for flower and 60% for concentrates.

The bill is one committee vote away from a floor vote in the state House but is stalled in the Senate, Florida Politics reported.

“I have not endorsed (capping THC),” DeSantis said, according to Florida Politics. “That is not something I’m pushing.”

However, the governor did express concerns about the strength of marijuana products.

“If you look at some of the stuff that’s now coming down, there’s a lot of really bad things in it,” he said.

“It’s not necessarily what you would’ve had 30 years ago when someone’s in college and they’re doing something.”

Other states where anti-cannabis groups are seeking to impose THC limits include Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana and Washington.

Vermont caps potency of flower at 30% and concentrates at 60% for recreational cannabis products, but the state’s adult-use market has yet to launch.

The state has set no potency limits for medical marijuana products.

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One comment on “Florida governor not in favor of limiting THC in marijuana
  1. Susan Hallowell Kerk on

    Florida needs to stop the proponents of capping thc. Let’s look at pot vs alcohol…the difference in ill effects and dangerous levels, let’s just look at these two drugs. Which would you rather I be on pot or booze when driving and your kids on the road? Cappint thc is a waste of time. Big pharma does not like it when 30 year opiate habit gets dropped for the pain relieving properties of medical marijuana. But my brother, a psychiatrist, suggested I smoke instead of popping pills. My pain is in direct proportion to my thc level. Please don’t take my quality of life away from me.. I served as a psychiatric R.N. I’ve been disabled by RA. and fibromyalgia. The notion Ray Rodriguez has that higher thc causes more pain is simply ludicrous. Absolutely false. Doesnt even make sense.
    Thank You,

    Susan H. Kerk R.N.

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