Marijuana business sues Louisiana after state nixes its testing lab application

A New Orleans-based company is suing the state of Louisiana, claiming that its application to be an independent medical cannabis testing laboratory was improperly rejected.

The lack of an independent testing lab is the latest development to delay Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, which was initially expected to become operational in late 2018.

Product now isn’t expected to be on the shelves until May at the earliest.

The suit was filed by Reactwell, doing business as Certified Cannabis, against the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, according to The Advocate in Baton Rouge.

An independent lab is supposed to test the marijuana cultivated by Louisiana’s two approved growers to ensure the crop’s safety.

But the state agency recently said that no laboratories were qualified.

The lawsuit argues that Certified Cannabis was qualified.

The suit also said the state began testing marijuana itself after rejecting testing lab proposals.

The lawsuit claims the regulatory agency’s testing marks an “irreconcilable conflict of interest with its role in supervising a third-party independent testing lab,” according to The Advocate.

A state spokeswoman said the regulatory agency hasn’t yet seen the lawsuit.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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6 comments on “Marijuana business sues Louisiana after state nixes its testing lab application
  1. Simply Amazing on

    Louisiana should have had medical marijuana for consumption years ago but, as everything else in this state goes, it is regulated by political corruption. The Sherrif Association was the biggest organization that voted against it. It is crazy the amount of money they get from the Asset Forfeiture Law here. In Alexandria, LA., the sherrifs sister stole over $2.8 million from the fund while employed for the department, the government finally reduced the amount to around $900,000.00 She is now serving time, maybe 2 years, plus has to pay some of the money back. Not a bad deal at all ? Last month a secretary for the District Attorney was charged with stealing $102,600.00 from the Officiers Resource Fund, which is used to train officiers to guard the local schools.

  2. Eric Snyder on

    Are there any public documents that detail why all of the applications for a third-party independent testing lab were rejected? It would be helpful for the industry as a whole if that information were available. Interested parties that may also be considering an application to provide those services would know what issues they address and cover ahead of time.

  3. Ziggy on

    Those FROM Louisiana: No doubt that, what the rest of the world recognizes as laughable, complete buffoonery and incompetence, is actually self-serving cronyism and the usual “good ol’ boy” corruption!


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