A working medical marijuana market in Mississippi is still on hold as the state’s governor pushes to limit the amount of cannabis that patients can buy.

Mississippi voters approved a business-friendly medical marijuana program a year ago, but the state Supreme Court struck down the measure.


State lawmakers then decided to draft a measure creating an MMJ program and move it through the Legislature.

The Legislature called for a special session to work on such a measure.

But, according to Jackson TV station WAPT, Gov. Tate Reeves said he won’t allow that to happen until he works out a compromise with lawmakers.

Reeves wants to set a limit on how much medical marijuana a patient can purchase as well as the THC content in MMJ products.

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A draft bill would limit a patient to 4 ounces of medical marijuana per month, an ounce lower than the law voters approved.

Sources say Reeves also wants to restrict who can recommend medical cannabis, WAPT reported.

Early versions of the program allowed physician assistants and nurse practitioners to recommend medical marijuana.