Oregon to suspend processing of new recreational cannabis licenses

In response to Oregon’s oversupplied recreational marijuana market and a backlog of applications, state regulators will temporarily discontinue processing new adult-use licenses effective June 15.

Marijuana businesses in Oregon have experienced plummeting wholesale cannabis prices – they’ve dropped as low as $50 a pound for flower – and the move to keep new businesses from entering the market could help slow the fall.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) announced that new applications for recreational cannabis business licenses received after June 15 will be evaluated in 2019.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • According to an OLCC news release, for the time being, the agency’s licensing staff will focus solely on renewals for current recreational marijuana business licensees, already-submitted adult-use applications and medical cannabis registrants required to start using the state’s tracking system.
  • As of May 23, the OLCC had received 3,432 applications for licenses to process, produce, retail, wholesale, research and test recreational marijuana, the Bend Bulletin reported.
  • The state has licensed 1,900 recreational marijuana businesses since April 2016.
  • The decision to limit applications comes after the agency announced that Oregon’s recreational retailers sold only 108,330 pounds of usable adult-use marijuana last year, leaving 891,670 pounds unsold.
  • Billy Williams, the state’s U.S. attorney, recently expressed concerns about the amount of cannabis being produced in the state and being diverted to the black market.

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2 comments on “Oregon to suspend processing of new recreational cannabis licenses
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    The solution is painfully obvious. With no further delay, abolish federal “marihuana” tyranny and let companies in Oregon and nationwide export their excess flower. That would be truly free trade determined by market forces. Lawmakers NEVER had the right to deprive American consumers of the ability to purchase seedless, female cannabis flowers (and their many different byproducts or extracts). All cannabis plant types are among the wonders of the world, regardless of the despicable lies still being peddled by our corrupted “leaders” in power. Enough is enough.

  2. Thorby on

    When the dispensaries quit gouging the consumers at $200 to $500 an oz.,and the middlemen and dispensaries quit gouging the growers also you might get rid of inventory. You morons have set up a system that is just like the old black market system and you still have the black market.
    I predicted almost 50 years ago that when Cannabis is legalized the consumer will get commercial low quality weed at super high prices. In Oregon everyone can grow 4 plants. 4 plants well grown will supply most folks for a year.
    The feds allow up to 200 gallons of wine and or beer to be made by any citizen. They also allow any citizen to grow 1/10 of an acre of tobacco for personal use. We need a law like that for Cannabis that over rides state law and allows people to grow their own. The tomato model.


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