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California’s cannabis industry weighs in on bill that would increase number of retail licenses

California legislators advanced a bill that would increase the number of marijuana retail licenses in the state by requiring some cities and counties that have banned commercial cannabis to open their doors to the industry. Assembly Bill 1356, which was amended in committee last week, would require local jurisdictions where more than 50% of voters […]

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MMJ expansion moves forward in NJ, cannabis banking, Canada shortages toll & more

New Jersey legislators advance a medical marijuana program expansion, state banking associations get behind federal banking reform, Canada’s cannabis shortage has international implications – plus other important news from around the industry. New Jersey MMJ expansion on track The Garden State’s legislature is moving toward approving a major expansion of its medical cannabis program, which to […]

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What are the business implications of labor peace agreements for the cannabis industry?

Lawmakers and regulators across the United States increasingly are requiring marijuana firms to accept “labor peace agreements” that can lead to unionization. Consider the following: In New York state, medical marijuana business licensees must sign a labor peace agreement with a union. The same is true in California for cannabis licensees with at least 20 […]

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Marijuana executives offer strategies and insights on salaries and recruitment

Salaries and benefits are tools to recruit top talent that will facilitate your company’s success, as well as barometers of your company’s health and culture. Marijuana Business Magazine spoke with executives from four cannabis companies that have made top-places-to-work lists and asked them about salaries and recruitment. Here’s what they said:  Eunice Kim Title: Vice […]

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The total (compensation) package

Cannabis pays. From trimmers, stock clerks and budtenders to master growers, chief extractors and C-suite executives, all are more likely to make at least as much or more money than comparable positions in mainstream industries such as consumer goods, alcohol and agriculture. That’s what Marijuana Business Magazine number crunchers—led by research and data analyst Maggie […]

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Smaller California marijuana farmers form co-ops to save on costs, compete with large growers

As corporate cultivation operations in California continue to expand, small cannabis growers in the Golden State are banding together to develop cooperatives in an attempt to gain a competitive edge against their large-scale rivals. Co-ops present pros and cons for smaller marijuana growers. But those who are making the move point to these factors: By […]

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Chart: Comparing the price per milligram of THC in cannabis-infused products

Makers of marijuana-infused products can set competitive prices for their edibles, beverages, tinctures, topicals, capsules or sublinguals by looking at the average price per milligram of THC in those products in various markets. Data that shows the average price per milligram of THC can provide some insight into what consumers are willing to pay for […]

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Staying competitive with cannabis compensation

Payroll is the biggest expense for most companies, and controlling it is paramount to any cost-conscious business. But paying competitive salaries is critical to attracting talented executives a company must have if it wants to grow – from managers and high-skill specialists to budtenders and trimmers. If your employees leave because your competitors are offering […]

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