Trump taps Justice Department veteran William Barr as attorney general

President Trump said Friday he is nominating William Barr – who served in the first Bush administration – to replace former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was an outspoken critic of marijuana legalization.

Key cannabis legalization wins could bring in upwards of $2 billion in new sales

Marijuana scored a sweeping victory at the ballot box on Tuesday, with voters approving new markets in Michigan, Missouri and Utah that eventually could generate $2 billion in medical and recreational sales.

Across the nation, voters installed the Democrats as the new majority party in the U.S. House of Representatives, improving the odds that lawmakers will pass federal marijuana reforms that benefit MJ businesses.

If they pass, state cannabis initiatives could lead to $2B-plus in new MJ sales, forecast shows

New medical and recreational marijuana markets in four states ultimately could generate more than $2 billion in combined sales…

Experts suggest if US House flips, federal cannabis reform could follow

Prospects of federal marijuana reform – and the growing fortunes of cannabis businesses – could become more of a reality if the U.S. House turns…