Poll: Increasing majority of CA voters support rec MJ

A study released last week backs up what many in the marijuana industry view as a foregone political conclusion: recreational marijuana is ahead in the polls in California.

The Public Policy Institute of California’s survey found that 53% of state residents support legalizing rec, and 55% of likely voters back it as well.

“As advocates for legalizing marijuana again consider putting the issue on the ballot, support for legalization is at its highest point since PPIC began asking this question in May 2010,” the PPIC report read.

The same study found only 51% of residents supported legalization in October 2014, and 52% in September 2013.

The PPIC survey further found that 53% of adults say that if rec cannabis were legalized, they wouldn’t be bothered if a rec shop opened in their neighborhood.

The state’s attorney general, Kamala Harris, has said more than once that she believes the legalization of rec sales in California is inevitable.

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One comment on “Poll: Increasing majority of CA voters support rec MJ
  1. Jahpharmer on

    I support full legalization of cannabis, however, I do get the chuckles when I see such statistics as stated above. Seems cannabis support stats parallels stats supporting “off leash” areas in city/county parks for our dogs & cats.
    Yet, what saddens me is support for cannabis, like support for so many other “freedoms” almost always comes just a wee bit greater than 50-50. What is it with us that a greater majority have such difficulty clearly seeing benefits over the nay-sayers? Same with presidential elections. I don’t know, but something smells fishy with so may topics always so nearly evenly divided.

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