Reluctant doctors could hamper Missouri’s nascent medical cannabis program

Missouri’s potentially robust medical marijuana market, with a tentative 2020 launch, is running into early resistance from doctors reluctant to recommend MMJ products to qualifying patients.

“I don’t think doctors are hostile,” said Dan Viets, head of the Missouri Medical Cannabis Industry Association. “The simple fact is that most doctors are uninformed about the use of marijuana as medicine.”

Instead, would-be users are turning to pop-up and specialty clinics advertising certification for about $200 or less.

The process for doctors to certify patients started on June 4.

To qualify for medical marijuana, a patient must have one of several conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, migraines or post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Missouri Medical Association, which lobbies on behalf of the state’s physicians, opposed the ballot initiative voters approved in November legalizing medical marijuana.

The association isn’t taking a stance on whether doctors should certify medical marijuana patients, but it isn’t recommending it.

Missouri medical marijuana regulators announced they plan to issue 60 cultivation, 86 processing and 192 dispensary licenses in the state’s initial MMJ permitting round.

The state will accept business applications Aug. 3-17, with final scoring scheduled by the end of this year and sales potentially starting as soon as January.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

7 comments on “Reluctant doctors could hamper Missouri’s nascent medical cannabis program

    The doctors in Missery are reluctant to help folks because they have been brain washed more than most. A doctor is probably the least informed person about Marijuana in Missery. Hell, the entire state is reluctant about everything and the cops, well forget it they love the pot laws because they get to confiscate new cars and neat stuff from powerless citizens, a pox on their deal.

  2. Eric McSwain on

    As a Missourian, I’m sad to see the Missouri Medical Association (MMA) on the wrong side of history. Stronger emotions are elicited in me given the fact that the MMA is also on the wrong side of medicine, and science in general. Dan Viets comments apply directly to individual doctors and to the MMA as a whole.

  3. Tim war on

    Missouri drs seem unable to grasp that all they are saying when they “recommend” pot is that if the patient thinks it helps them in some way then its ok. They think an rx is somehow involved which necessarily requires a medical judgement not necessary with weed. Are they stupid? Or deliberately

  4. Chris on

    “Medical marijuana laws in Missouri can be confusing and that your primary care physician may not be prepared to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option if you have a qualifying condition.”

    Missouri Physicians are not confused about marijuana laws. Marijuana is a Schedule #1 Federally Controlled Substance.

  5. Geo on

    I know AR is meeting the same. The form in AR (not sure about MO) is not a recommendation or a script. It is simple stating that you have a qualified condition that your Dr knows about and is treating. Doctors should NOT be aloud to deny signing this form. It is no different than getting a statement on your medical conditions for SSDI. Its time to stand up and speak out!!! SMH!!


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