Report: New Jersey Has Highest MMJ Prices in Nation

New Jersey’s five operating medical cannabis dispensaries may have the highest MMJ prices of any market in the country, according to the state’s own officials.

The state department of health released a report on March 11 that found the average ounce of cannabis in New Jersey is priced at $489, which is roughly 37% higher than other states with comparable markets such as Arizona, Maine, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Vermont, reported.

Of those other states, New Mexico had the lowest average price, of $284 an ounce, the report found.

One dispensary owner countered the findings, however, and said that he offers discounts to low-income patients who can get MMJ ounces for as little as $300. He also said the dispensary typically discounts two of its strains each month for customers.

But a representative of the Drug Policy Alliance faulted the New Jersey report for not analyzing prices in all 23 states with operating MMJ systems. If they had done so, she said, they would have found that New Jersey’s prices are the highest in the country.

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