Increased Demand for Organic Cannabis in SF

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Growers and dispensaries in San Francisco are seeing a spike in demand for organic cannabis from medical marijuana patients worried about pesticides.

To meet this demand, one local dispensary – the San Francisco Patient Resources Center (SPARC) – began selling a line of cannabis last year that’s grown outside using only organic nutrients and zero pesticides, according to the news site Quartz. It also offers “veganic” cannabis that is grown without the use of animal-derived products.

Another company – Oakland-based edibles maker Auntie Dolores – primarily uses cannabis that is grown outdoors using organic methods, Quartz reported.

Cannabis companies can’t get organic certification status from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as marijuana is still federally illegal.

But some growers in San Francisco and other California cities are participating in an organic-focused program that requires inspections and the testing of pesticides. Others are simply using best practices to ensure they have a product low in pesticides and other carcinogens.