Group proposes advertising, marketing standards for marijuana businesses

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), a for-profit self-regulatory organization, has released proposed advertising and marketing standards for marijuana companies that belong to the group.

The draft guidelines mandate, among other things, that no cannabis advertisements or marketing initiatives can disparage or degrade any group based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The proposed standards also appear designed to help MJ businesses comply with advertising and marketing marketing stipulated by social media platforms such as Facebook.

Under the NACB’s proposed standards:

  • Businesses can advertise only where there is a reasonable expectation that no more than 15% of the target audience is younger than 21.
  • Advertisements cannot depict the consumption of marijuana or promote excessive use of cannabis.
  • Gifts or prizes cannot be offered as an incentive to buy products through promotional marketing efforts.
  • Advertisements cannot appeal to minors by including a cartoon character, toy, mascot, brand sponsorship, logo, animal or celebrity endorsement.

The organization has 25 fully credentialed members who represent a cross-section of the licensed businesses in the industry, and dozens more companies are in the process of joining, a spokesperson told Marijuana Business Daily.

This is the second set of guidelines NACB has pushed out, coming on the heels of recommendations for packaging and labeling standards.

The latest proposed guidelines are available for public review and comment at until May 25.

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One comment on “Group proposes advertising, marketing standards for marijuana businesses
  1. Lioness on

    “Cannot depict consumption”… this is why I will never support organizations like NACB. Stop perpetuating the idea that consumption is bad, shameful or should be hidden, especially if the advertisement is aimed at adults and outlets with a reasonable expectation that a majority of adults will be targeted. I use cannabis for HEALTH and I resent people within my own industry that at supporting the normalization of a healthy activity by a responsible adult.

    So, what you’re saying is, adults should not have to see other adults consuming cannabis legally & responsibly in any ads by legal, responsible businesses to create awareness for a safe and legal product.

    Go home NACB, you’re drunk.


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