Washington DC to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana

The nation’s capital will join Alaska and Oregon with a measure on the November ballot to legalize recreational cannabis.

Washington DC election officials certified enough signatures on Wednesday to put a legalization proposal up for a popular vote this fall.

Initiative 7 takes marijuana legalization in a new direction, as it would not directly legalize the sale of cannabis products in Washington DC.

Instead of setting up a network of licensed businesses to distribute the drug, the measure would allow adults to cultivate their own cannabis at home. Locals could have up to six plants in a home grow, possess up to two ounces of marijuana and give a limited amount of cannabis to other adults.

The law allows the sale of paraphernalia, but overall business opportunities would be limited.

, Washington DC to Vote on Legalizing MarijuanaThe Washington DC City Council, however, is reportedly debating a separate measure that would pave the way for actual cannabis sales via retail stores.

Initiative 7 still faces several hurdles. Even if it passes the popular vote, for example, Congress could step in and halt implementation.

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One comment on “Washington DC to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana
  1. Mark Burcaw, D.C. on

    It is a freedom of choice and information issue. The America most of us love is a free country, we must fight “coin operated” government, coins in this arena supplied by big pharma, alcohol & tobacco, etc. who wrongly assume the competition will harm them.

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