Washington state cannabis retailer charged with illegally offering free samples

Washington state regulators claim that a marijuana store in Lacey gave undercover officers the opportunity to take free samples and try the product in an unlicensed portion of the building.

Enforcement officers with the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) searched the building containing Dank’s Wonder Emporium last month after receiving complaints, The Olympian reported.

LCB spokesman Mikhail Carpenter said the licensee advertised an illegal “try it before you buy it” promotion.

Carpenter noted the agency has referred a charge of operating a marijuana club, a Class C felony, to Thurston County prosecutors.

Store owner Random Vaughn said he plans to fight the charge, which could result in his license being taken away.

Vaughn reported the samples were purchased to be consumed in the separate office upstairs for his film production company.

In a similar case, a retailer in Alaska was charged in 2016 with violating the law for handing out free samples, but state regulators let the store’s owner off with a warning.

Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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2 comments on “Washington state cannabis retailer charged with illegally offering free samples
  1. Enough Is Enough on

    Undercover officers need to fight real crime and stop the meth that has taken over the United States and is killing people and ruining families. This bust on letting someone sample the product they legally purchased sounds like jealous competition ratting someone out, or officers that have no clue what real crime is.

  2. Mike L. Wallace Jr. on

    A room called “The Bong”. From the dispensary is an alternate exit door called “The Bong”. Through the door is a short room with a small ramp with a railing. At the top of the ramp is another doorway with long plastic flaps hanging down to the floor. Through the flaps is a round room with glass walls, wooden benches wrap around the wall & a small ceiling fan above. Opposite the entry flaps across the bong floor are the exit flaps with a small ramp & railing going down into another small room. Where the final exit door is guarded by the bouncer. The bouncer also controls the speed of the ceiling fan. From outside the giant glass bong shaped room can be seen on side of the dispensary. The weed bowl connected to the outside of “The Bong” have a flickering side wrapped tubular light that is cherry red.

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