Attorney General Nominee a Question Mark on Cannabis

President Barack Obama has nominated longtime prosecutor Loretta Lynch to succeed Eric Holder as U.S. attorney general in a move that could have big implications for the marijuana industry.

The biggest question for cannabis professionals: Will Lynch follow Holder’s lead on marijuana or chart her own course?

Holder’s policies on the marijuana industry were uneven, but in recent times he took a more lenient approach. One of his crowning achievements, as far as cannabis professionals are concerned, was when he cleared the way last year for recreational marijuana businesses in Colorado and Washington State. Under Holder’s watch, the DOJ also worked to ease the banking situation for cannabis companies.

, Attorney General Nominee a Question Mark on Cannabis

Lynch doesn’t have much history on marijuana-related matters, though she has “aggressively prosecuted narcotics offenders in Brooklyn,” where she was U.S. attorney, according to CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

Lynch also was involved in a well-known marijuana case that involved a well-to-do suburban mother who apparently ran a 1,000-plant marijuana grow operation worth $3 million in Queens. The woman eventually pleaded guilty to several drug charges and was fined $1 million, according to ABC.

Still, these cases did not involve businesses operating in areas where medical or recreational cannabis was legal.

Lynch still must receive confirmation from the Senate.

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3 comments on “Attorney General Nominee a Question Mark on Cannabis
  1. pcrentas on

    loretta, i have depression. i wake up every morning,tears poor out!it has caused me to not have an appetite for 2 years.i have psychiatrist and meds.,but, med mar.has helped me more!hope you have open mind!

  2. Leah on

    Ms. Lynch,
    Please consider getting some real education on cannabis. There is much scientific, credible research that exists and has not been acknowledged by this Government. They and you are wrong. Cannabis is NOT a narcotic.

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