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Roger Fillion

Roger is an award-winning journalist with decades of business news experience, covering everything from Wall Street regulation to the oil markets and craft brewing. He’s worked for Reuters, The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. He’s also worked as a freelancer for, Inc. and other publications.

Cannabis companies considered ripe targets for ransomware attacks

Even as ransomware attacks on high-profile mainstream companies such as Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods have grabbed headlines in recent months, cannabis companies appear largely unprotected from malicious actors launching such schemes. That could prove costly to any marijuana companies that fall victim to the crime, which forces targeted businesses to pay a ransom to […]

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Nevada marijuana firms ready consumption lounges to serve tourist throngs

Nevada marijuana companies are mapping out plans to open consumption lounges next year under a new state law with the goal of serving the tens of millions of visitors who flock to Las Vegas annually. Until now, tourists buying cannabis products in Sin City’s retail stores have had no place to smoke, eat or consume […]

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Marijuana firms and advocates struggle as Instagram targets accounts

For marketer Colin Bambury, there is no bigger headache than Instagram’s seemingly low tolerance for the marijuana industry – and the popular photo-sharing app’s penchant for deactivating or shuttering marijuana-related accounts. “This is one of the biggest pain points in my life,” he said. Since 2016, British Columbia-based Bambury has worked with brands such as […]

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Cannabis firms face surging costs for building materials, complicating plans

Cannabis growers, manufacturers and retailers planning to build new facilities or expand existing ones are facing not only soaring costs for materials but also lengthy wait times to get their projects off the ground. And it’s not just the global COVID-19 pandemic that’s causing the increased cost and supply shortage for both marijuana and mainstream […]

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Why 3 illicit marijuana operators decline to go legal in California

California is approaching its fourth year of legal recreational marijuana, yet the underground market is as strong as ever and is making it harder for licensed companies to eke out a profit. Saddled by steep regulatory and compliance costs, legal marijuana companies in California can’t compete with illicit operators on product prices. Administrative bottlenecks, substantial […]

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It’s time for Washington to get serious about federal marijuana policy

Cannabis legalization is a standard conversation topic for state governments looking for new revenue streams, representing a monumental shift in how our society feels about cannabis.

But as states forge ahead, federal action has been absent. We must now turn our attention to answering how to regulate legalized cannabis at the federal level.

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Uber’s interest in marijuana delivery highlights sector’s potential and pitfalls

You’d think that marijuana delivery executives would quake in their shoes after the head of a ride-sharing giant recently floated the idea of getting into their line of work. But that apparently wasn’t the case after Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told CNBC last month his company “absolutely” would explore cannabis delivery if the federal government […]

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Marijuana retailers prep for shoppers by hiring staff, keeping COVID safeguards

With more than 100 million Americans now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, marijuana retailers are adding employees and overhauling their operations in anticipation of more foot traffic inside their stores. They also are reassigning existing staffers to new jobs as well as rolling out technology to accommodate an increase in customers walking in their stores – […]

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