Exploding Marijuana Sodas Highlight Challenges in WA

No, this isn’t an Onion article.

Three separate marijuana retailers in Washington State reported that carbonated cannabis-infused sodas in glass bottles have exploded at random in their stores, littering the shops with glass and sticky, THC-infused residue.

Zach Henifin, the manager of Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham, told a Washington TV station that “It sounded like a shotgun going off.”

The infused pomegranate-flavored sodas, produced by Mirth Provisions, were also reportedly blowing up at Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam in Vancouver.

The incidents highlight how businesses are still working out the kinks in a brand new marijuana market, where many companies are learning from trial and error.

Mirth founder Adam Stites said the problem was likely created by too much yeast in the sodas, which led to excess carbon dioxide that caused the explosions.

“Sometimes when you’re creating new products in a new marketplace there’s a little bit of a learning curve and that’s what we’ve experienced,” Stites told Komo News.

Still, the exploding sodas could create other issues, particularly if a customer or retail store employee is injured. And Mirth is now in a dispute with one of the stores over who should destroy the remaining sodas.

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5 comments on “Exploding Marijuana Sodas Highlight Challenges in WA
  1. Steven North on

    Mirth wonders who should destroy the balance of the sodas. Common sense says the manufacturer. There is a product safety issue here. There is plenty of instructions out on the internet on how to make carbonated soda. They all point to refrigeration to stop the fermentation process.
    Outside of the fridge, the proper choice of glass bottles is important so they do not blowup.

  2. Nate on

    that’s an interesting issue. naturally-made sodas (ones made from yeast) aren’t supposed to spend much time outside of refrigeration. when the activated yeast warms up it’ll start eating the available sugar, continue metabolizing … and BOOM goes the dynamite.

    Normally, people with food-industry knowledge would have been present and realized the inherent difficulty and dangers with storing these sodas, and this could have been avoided, or warning labels could have been put in effect, but it’s an interesting notion as our industry develops and we’re seeing people with less experience handling products which have crossed-over from other industries.

  3. bongstar420 on

    Like they had to be “retro.”

    Would this happen with screw top, plastic bottles?

    Would it happen if these people actually believed in market place regulations?

    I smell ideology here

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